Terms of Service

Full description of service processes and what’s included.

Website Services

All tiers of Smart Edge Design’s website service (SmartSite) are priced and delivered in 2 parts. 

  1. Design and Set-up 
  2. Hosting, Management and Care plan

The following is a break-down of the working process, what’s included, and the terms and conditions of the service:

1. Design and Set-up

(One-time fee)


  • All tiers include the pages from tiers below and their additions (The page names provided in this list are commonly used but the list is adaptable)
    •  Basic – 5 pages plus 5 sub pages:
      • Home page
      • About page
      • Services pages x 5
      • Work page (not Dynamic)
      • Contact page
    • Intermediate – all pages from the Basic plus :
      • Dynamic blog
      • Single post page design (dynamic page template that you populate for all blog posts)
      • Archive page design (dynamic page template listing all your single blog posts – used in post listing, search results and categories)
      • Calendar booking system add-on (Third party tool integrated into the sites pages and has a back end management area) 
    • Advanced – all pages from basic & Intermediate plus:
      • Create accounts for your clients so they can sign in to their own private area of the site
      • Ability to upload documents and create private pages that are assignable to individual clients
      • Clients can download their assigned documents
      • More advanced features are available but a separate quote will be provided once necessary features have been determined. (Dynamic grouping, private messaging, Automatic email notifications etc.)
      • Online Store built on WooCommerce infrastructure, including all relevant page templates (Shop Page, Product page, Account Page, Basket page, Checkout page, etc.)
      • The first 10 products will be uploaded for you (after which you are able to upload as many as you want at no additional cost)
      • Payment integration for online card payments using Stripe and paypal accounts.
      • Other shop features and functionality (e.g. recurring payments) may incur additional costs


  • Initial discovery meeting to ascertain the needs of your business and website
  • Site map (website page structure) created based on discovery meeting and your content (If your site map exceeds the quantity of pages specified above, all extra pages will be quoted for in addition)
  • *client – Review and sign off of site map, page naming and final quote
  • Design concepts of site created
  • *client – Review, feedback and change requests on design concepts
  • *client – Design concepts of site signed off
  • All pages of site built
  • Testing across multiple browsers and device sizes.
  • *client – Review, feedback and change requests on site build. (Images, text and functionality)
  • Final site checks on optimisation and SEO
  • Hosting set up
  • Migration (if needed) and redirecting of domain (we may need to be provided with your domain account login details)
  • *client – Final review and website sign off
  • Log-in credentials supplied for website’s control panel and SmartEdge] support.

2. Hosting, Management and Care plan

(Monthly subscription – from going live date)


  • Hosting server space
  • Dedicated servers for Smart Edge Design websites (not sharing resources with other sites for fast and consistent speeds)


  • Daily Site backups (for rollbacks in case of issues)
  • Updates to the site platform and software (including updates to WordPress CMS and plugin features)
  • Real time protection against attacks using in site firewall and IP blocking from brute force attacks.

Care Plan

  • SmartEdge] support ticketing form provided within the dashboard of your website.
  • Support covers Updates to the website’s static pages and Issues :
    • Updates included*:
      • Updates to existing titles and site copy (providing the quantity is the same to avoid the need for a structural change)
      • Updating prices or dates
      • Updating contact details
      • Adding new content/pages to the site using existing designs (e.g. new member of staff)
      • Swapping any photos or videos that currently exist in the site with a new (supplied) one
      • Adding new (supplied) photos to an existing gallery
    • Issues included*:
      • A breakage or problem within the site that has been caused by an issue with the the site code or an update
      • Guidance on how to perform a task within the site (task must have been included as a feature sold in the initial build)
      • Wanting to roll back to a previous version of the site (from last daily backup available)
  • For Updates and Issues that fall outside of this a quote will be provided (e.g. Expanding the sites functionality and structure or creating new sections and pages. Creating new shop areas or adding functionality to your customers logged in areas)

*There is a fair use limit of 2 tickets or 1 hour/month on updates and support. More than this will be quoted for (Site Issues not caused by user error will always be fixed)


Design and Setup fee
After the discovery meeting a site map and quote for the project will be sent to you. Once this has been agreed, an invoice for the Design and Setup fee will be sent across. We require that half of this invoice is paid upfront with the remaining balance to be paid upon the final website sign off and handover (2 separate invoices can be sent with if required).
Hosting, Management and Care plan
An initial invoice will be sent across on the date the site goes live. The invoice will be sent across every month from this date. You can click to save your card on this first invoice to enable automated payments, you will then receive a receipt instead of an invoice each month. If you miss a payment you will be sent out missed payment reminders until it is paid. There is a grace period of one month to catch up on any missed payments, if there has been no payment within this month the website will be taken offline. It will be only be reinstated again once the payments have been brought up to date.


From the point of final sign off and going live Smart Edge Design can not be held responsible for any incorrect content, liable content, or loss of earnings due to your websites functionality, features or content.