A creative agency that provides branding and digital design solutions for small to medium sized businesses. We work closely with new and established teams to build modern fresh brands and drive growth through engagement, innovation and creativity
Things we do...
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End-to-end creative services

Who we are & what we do

A creative agency that believes in the power of good design, in its power to elevate status and reputation. Led by the former Digital Creative Director of EY's Digital Learning and Communications team, we have plenty of experience in delivering high-quality digital solutions that engage audiences and drive growth.

Our services include:

Website design, build & hosting

Filming & editing


Copywriting, editing & proofreading

Digital marketing consultation

Primarily working with SMBs, we offer an end-to-end service. Whether you're a new start-up wanting to make an impact, or an established company wanting to take a step up to the next level, we'll work closely with you to ensure your brand can drive you there.

We can design your logo and branding; design, build, host and manage your website; write your copy; build a dynamic interactive PDF for your sales team; establish and conduct photo shoots; create a video to sell your services; or even setup all your social media channels.

We can do it all, and although we can quote for specific jobs, we have put together a simple service and price guide to help you get started. Because we operate as a remote agency we can offer highly competitive rates without comprising on quality.

We’re your creative one-stop shop.

Our approach to your business

Engaging your customers. Building your relationships. Strengthening your brand.

We Learn

Delivering a quality service starts with us understanding your business. Who you are, who your customers are, your ambitions and what makes your business valuable. This information ensures we can efficiently deliver a product thats right for you.

We Create

With a suite of services on offer we can deliver one-off products or build a brand from the bottom up. Our experienced team prides itself in delivering high quality products that will build trust with your customers and stand out within your industry.

We Deliver

We build strong and collaborative working relationships ensuring the process, right up to delivery, is simple and stress free. The quality of work and the manner in which we deliver it will be the foundation to a partnership built to last.

We’re always ready to answer your call to create.

What we've done

Take a look at some of our latest projects.

The team

Meet the people behind Smart Edge.

Creative Director
Ben Moreton

Ben Moreton

Ben started out as an Interactive Designer for a small digital agency in London’s booming tech scene. Learning from some of the best designers, artists, animators and programmers, Ben progressed to become a Digital Creative Director for EY. This was a turning point in Ben’s career. Leading multi-disciplined teams on large-scale creative projects, Ben completed his experience of design by working on project management. This experience - coupled with his love for all things digital and creative - made setting up Smart Edge Design a natural step.

Tim Rockel

Tim Rockel

Tim's a graphic designer with over 10 years’ experience working in agencies and as a freelancer on both web and print design. During this time, he has worked across many different industries, giving him a deep understanding of the creative needs for each, how to drive sales and engagement through intuitive design and psychology, and experience in A-B user testing. Tim loves balance, colour theory and functionality, and is driven by a desire to create meaningful brands and products that have a direct and tangible positive impact to a company's bottom line.

David Byrne

David Byrne

David is your trusted copywriter. Specialising in copy for websites and marketing he ensures any brand stands out in its digital marketing efforts. An expert in SEO, he has all the tools to help move businesses up the search rankings and David's content always takes into account its audience, style, tone of voice and any compliance issues. With 10 years’ experience across a range of industries and a keen interest in using technology to find new opportunities for brands to speak to their customers, he enjoys the challenge more than ever.

What we offer & how much it costs

Use our simple services and pricing guide to determine the overall creative solution that’s right for you. Choose as many or as few of our services as you need - we're as flexible as you need us to be. If you're not sure, or you need something that falls outside this guide, just get in touch and we'd be happy to discuss your requirements, to define the correct approach for your business together.

The Website service
The foundation of your brand and the gateway to your services. A one off build cost for all sites then select your set-up hosting and management service based on what kind of site you require.

Website design & build


The one-off design and build service for all of our bespoke, responsive websites.


Your digital brand starts with your website. You need a professionally-designed, bespoke, responsive website, that will add value and reputability to your business through crisp modern design and an intuitive user experience. Following an initial consultation meeting in which we determine your business goals and requirements, our team will create a project plan that outlines the site's structure and delivers initial design concepts. Upon sign-off of this document, it's over to the team to bring the designs to life. After a final review phase, the site will be ready for launch. A bespoke and personal service from start to finish.
  • Consultation meeting
  • Bespoke design & review
  • Up to 5 standard pages
  • 1 phase of amendments
  • Launch
*£100 per extra page


Hosting & management




Our standard level is perfect for simple marketing and information-based sites that do not require updatable content.

  • Automatic site backups
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Unlimited storage
  • SmartEdge] Support

Hosting & management




The solution for companies that need a more dynamic site, including updatable content, booking systems and blogs.

  • Automatic site backups
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Unlimited storage
  • SmartEdge] Support
  • Content management system
  • Dynamic updatable content

Hosting & management




For companies that provide services from their website, such as secure client areas or e-commerce.

  • Automatic site backups
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Unlimited storage
  • SmartEdge] Support
  • Content management system
  • Dynamic updatable content
  • Client login area
  • Secure assignable file management
  • E-commerce on-line store

*Don't need SmartEdge to host?

If you would like to host the website yourself, that's no problem at all - just get in touch, so we can discuss your situation and provide a bespoke quote.

The branding, copywriting & marketing services
Choose any of these one off cost extras designed to drive your marketing and strengthen your brand.

Brand identity


Design of a new company logo


A professional logo that will define your business, represent your ethics and demand a second look!

  • Consultation meeting
  • Three initial logos
  • Review
  • One round of edits
  • Delivery of final logo

Brand identity


Brand guidelines


Brand guidelines that will provide a strong, consistent, and professional image for all your marketing needs, delivered in a professional guidelines document.

  • Consultation meeting
  • Bespoke design of all brand elements
  • Review
  • Brand guidelines PDF document

Marketing & sales


An interactive PDF


Convert your linear PowerPoint presentation into a dynamic, touch-enabled, interactive PDF. Perfect for professional and focused presentations, meetings and pitches.

  • Consultation meeting
  • Up to a 50-page PowerPoint presentation converted
  • Tablet and laptop-friendly
*£8 per extra page



Copywriting for any service


We will consult on and create the entire spectrum of your new content and content marketing materials. We can also update and refine existing content.

  • Consultation meeting
  • Two days of copywriting
  • One further day for changes and amendments
*£200 per extra day



A photo shoot for products or people


We can photograph your products in-situ with models or in a studio setting. We can photograph your business, your employees and everyday interactions to produce imagery for your website and marketing materials. We can also deliver professional head-shots of your team, up to 40 professionally retouched photographs to cover all your marketing needs.

  • One-hour initial consultation meeting
  • 40 high-resolution photographs
*£8 per extra photograph



An animated or filmed video


A bespoke filmed or animated video selling your business, educating your clients or simply showcasing your products. We deliver the filming, post production and editing and ensure all our videos will grab the attention of your customers.

  • Initial consultation meeting
  • Script workshop
  • Production of up to 1-minute video
  • Informational animation; or
  • Filmed marketing video
  • FHD resolution video
  • Social-media ready
*£100 per extra 15secs



Multiple social media channel set-up


We will design and set-up three social media accounts with perfectly fitting banners and logos. We will coach you and your team on how best to use the platform Hootsuite, to enable easy publications/postings on multiple platforms at once.

  • Design and set-up three social media accounts on different platforms
  • Drafting and posting of initial posts
  • Hootsuite setup, training and handover



Extra branded collateral

priced upon request

From pull-up banners at events or exhibitions to HTML marketing emails or brochures. We know that your needs might spill out into other areas of design and we have you covered for that too.

  • Pull-up banner
  • HTML marketing email
  • Brochure
  • Flyer



A logo, brand guidelines and website


Give your new business every opportunity to succeed with our branding package. Compete in your industry from day one with a professionally-designed logo, brand guidelines and website.

*hosting and management added separately.

*Made-to-measure services

If your needs don't fall within the parameters set out in our guides, please just send us an email using the form below and we’ll contact you to discuss your individual requirements.

Get in touch & let the journey commence!

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