Penticton Physiotherapy & IMS Clinic

About the project

A Physiotherapy and IMS Clinic based in Penticton, British Columbia. The clinic had outgrown their DIY website and decided it was time to upgrade to something more professional.

The Brief

To build a functional site that breaks down the information on all the services offered by the clinic and provide a professional facade for the business. Easy options to contact and set up bookings was essential. The site was to help drive the clinic towards becoming the preferred choice for all the towns physiotherapy needs.

Our Approach

Lifting the colour palette from the clinic’s existing logo SmartEdge] created a user friendly and information driven site with easy methods to contact the clinic for bookings. A detailed but accessible breakdown of each of the clinics services and each of its members of staff with their credentials, helps to educate its potential clientele and build trust. Options to enter details and download help guides on the home page are also in place help build a list of potential leads for email marketing campaigns.